Demo Information

Why do we do flyball demos? Not only is it an opportunity to introduce the sport to potential participants, it is an excellent way for us to safely introduce our "green" dogs to noisy, simulated tournament conditions. You will see handlers actively training during demos, something we are not allowed to do during competition.

Optional Addition to the Demo show: "Beat the Best" timing lane. How does your dog measure up against those lightning-fast flyball dogs? Find out! We will time your dog over a securely fenced 50-foot course that is set up with four jumps, just like a flyball race lane. You get one run for $2, or three runs for $5. We keep a running list of the fastest dogs in small, medium, and tall. Show us whattcha got!

When do we do demos?  Whenever we are asked and we have enough dogs available to run, which is not always the case. Demos are typically outside, due to the amount of space needed, which pretty much limits them to the dry months. Exceptions to this rule are the demos you see at events at the Portland Expo Center, where there is plenty of room but rubber matting is required for safe running.

How do you request a demo? Please email our demo coordinator. She can tell you what is needed for a safe and effective flyball demo, and will check with team members to see if we can participate in your event.

Demo caveat: Please be aware that no matter how much pre-planning has gone into setting up a demo, weather can throw us a curve. The health and safety of our dogs trumps all, and we simply cannot, will not run them if the ground is unsafe or the heat is too high.