About The X-Fidos
Portland Metro Area Flyball Team

The X-Fidos Flyball Team was established in 2000 to offer a fun, supportive flyball club for all dogs interested in the sport.  All members, regardless or breed, size, or speed are given the chance to run on the team,  and everyone is welcome to play as long as they handle their dog responsibly.

The founding members of The X-Fidos met originally at a beginning flyball class offered by the (now defunct) Canine Academy.  Eventually they decided to form their own team as a spin-off from Oregon's first flyball team, the Muttketeers. Ironically, one of our current sponsors, Happy-Go-Lucky Dog Training, is owned by two former Muttketeers who are dedicated to keeping the game going. In 2005 we restructured as a non-profit corporation (no, not the tax-deductible kind!) so that could provide insurance coverage for our practices, classes and events. In 2008 Western Pet Supply and  Alpine Outfitters became full Team sponsors, as well as major contributors to our April 26-27, 2008 tournament!

One of our goals is to foster the sport of flyball throughout the state -- this includes helping other teams form and grow. The more teams we have locally, the more successful we will be in hosting Oregon tournaments!  If you and others want to start a group in your own area, we are more than willing to help.

The X-Fidos are available for flyball demonstrations and occasionally offer flyball instruction as well.  For more information see our Contact Page