What Is Flyball?
Take a look at our "guest appearance" on AM Northwest in the summer of 2008. The X-Fidos and our friends the Portland Tail Blazers demonstrate the sport of Flyball to viewers of this popular morning television show:

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Flyball is a dog sport developed in the early 80's. The relay race starts with two 4-dog teams in side-by-side lanes. At the signal, the first dog on each team is released across the starting line - it runs 50 feet over four jumps (height based on the size of the team's smallest dog) to a spring-loaded box. The dog must hit the box with its paws to release a tennis ball, catch it, and return with it over the four jumps. As it crosses the start line, the next dog is on its way. The team who successfully runs all four dogs in the least amount of time wins the race. It is quite common for entire races to be over in less than 20 seconds!

Here Nick is released to over the first jump
Over four jumps

Up to the box

Hitting the box releases the ball - which Nick has already caught!
Nick happily returning back over the jumps to his waiting handler

Meanwhile, Rocky is waiting to be released to 'pass' Nick on his way up to the box

Teams compete against each other at tournaments, as well as against the clock for points and titles.  In our area, most flyball tournaments are held in Canada with a few also in Washington and Oregon.  For more information on tournaments as well as points and titles, see the North American Flyball Association webpage at http://www.flyball.org

The sport of flyball requires that dogs be in good physical condition, under voice control off-lead, dog-friendly and comfortable in loud environments (flyball dogs love to bark!).  Dogs of all sizes are welcome in flyball, as well as both purebreds and mixed breeds.